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The seller is a legal person who issues an invoice for the ordered goods, as well as prepares and dispatches the goods to the customer. Sellers at the internet bookshop www.knjigarna-bookshop.eu are Zveza Modro-bela ptica and its business partners (see a list of sellers in General Terms and Conditions).


About the on-line Blue and White Bird Union Bookshop

The Blue and White Bird Union Bookshop is a non-profit internet bookshop connecting smaller, independent and non-profit publishing houses which issue high quality original and translated literature and works from the field of human sciences (mostly with very little or no financial support from state institutions). The bookshop supports publishing houses by offering them advantageous conditions of cooperation by means of self-organization and according to principles of fair trade: due to low sales commission, the majority of the sales income goes to publishers (i.e. to book “producers”, and not to merchants).

By each purchase in our common internet bookshop you directly support activities of independent and non-profit publishing houses, and, indirectly, their authors, translators and other collaborators too.

Our bookshop is also customer friendly. Since you are, so to say, buying first hand, the publishers are able to offer you higher discounts than other bookshops. Besides, every purchase brings you reward points – when you collect a sufficient amount of reward points, you can use them to buy a book, an e-book or a CD.

Thank you for your confidence and support!


About The Blue and White Bird Union

The Blue and White Bird Union of Cultural and Artistic and Literary Associations (shortened name: The Blue and White Bird Union) was founded in 2012 in order to connect non-profit and independent associations and publishing houses and help them to survive in the market.

The Union’s name refers to two similar projects in the Slovenian history: independent publishing houses Belo-modra knjižnica (The Blue and White Library; 1927–1941) and Modra ptica (The Blue Bird; 1929–1941)1 which, due to numerous innovative solutions, successfully implemented their publishing programmes and their vision.

Belo-modra knjižnica publishing house, founded and led by women (chair: Minka Krofta, collaborators: Silva Trdina, Milena Mohorič, Marja Boršnik, Erna Muser, Minka Bahovec, Eleonora Kernc, Minka Gašperlin and others), was systematically issuing the original Slovenian children’s literature, fiction, and scientific works written by Slovenian female authors (the collected work of Zofka Kveder, sellected poems by Vida Jeraj, among others).

Modra ptica publishing house and literary magazine specialized mostly in publishing world literature in translations and original Slovenian scientific works. The main aim of its creators and collaborators (Janez Žagar, Vladimir Bartol, Rajko Ložar, Pavel Debevec, Silva Trdina, Milena Mohorič, etc.) was to widen the Slovene readers’ horizons and make them more cosmopolitan.

Those two publishing houses, as Taja Kramberger pointed out in her research2, were cooperating tightly and helping each other in many ways. The Blue and White Bird Union desires to continue this spirit of linking up and cooperating.

1 All data about The White and Blue Library and The Blue Bird are quoted from: Taja Kramberger, Memorija in spomin, zgodovinska antropologija kanonizirane recepcije (študija primera revije Modra ptica. Bartol z Vidmarjem), doktorska disertacija (Koper, 2009) and from: Taja Kramberger, Drago Braco Rotar, Nevidne evidence: misliti idola tribus (Ljubljana: Sophia, 2011) – chapter 3 (3. poglavje: Kdo je za koga reprezentativen in zakaj? Kratka analiza literarnega polja v Dravski banovini s posebnim ozirom na založniške aktivnosti Belo-modre knjižnice in založbo ter revijo Modra ptica), pages 99–175.
2 Taja Kramberger, Memorija in spomin, pp. 845–849.